Press Release

North Korea’s “atomic irresponsibility”

North Korea’s “atomic irresponsibility” is pushing entire word towards third World War while the Islamic Theocratic State of Pakistan is pushing the future of Indian Subcontinent towards uncertainty and volatile nuclear danger. It is appealed to all the intellectuals, think tanks, policy makers, journalists and responsible citizens of civilized nations to notice the growing dangers of nuclear frenzy in Asian Continent caused by Pakistani and North Korean nuclear irresponsibility and war mongering. All the conscious human beings on this planet Earth, from every nation and from every nuke and corner of the world should protest and condemn this dangerous irresponsible behavior of these rogue states, to save the humanity and protect the life on this planet.
JSMM understands that UN and the entire civilized international community must impose sanctions on Pakistan and North Korea and take their nuclear arsenals in international custody to prevent any catastrophe that can be caused by the irresponsible behavior of these rogue states. Otherwise, the irresponsibility and nuclear madness of these rogue states, covertly backed by China, can become the cause of the destruction of entire humanity and the life on our planet. Hence, the entire International community especially, USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Russia, Japan, ASEAN and Gulf countries must cut their diplomatic ties with these rogue nations, and UN Security Council must unanimously resolve to sanction these countries and take their nuclear arms in its custody.
On the behalf of Sindhi nation, we also appeal all the conscious civilized people of the world to protest and condemn these states, their dangerous actions, unnatural existence, irresponsible behavior, warmongering and nuclear madness.