Indian Partition of 1947 was unnatural and must be undone

The 1947 Partition of British India based on historically wrong theory i.e. “The Two Nation Theory ” has been proven to be a historic blunder, an unnatural division which has incurred great sufferings on the post-colonial history of the subcontinent following four full-scale wars.
History has proved that this partition and its consequences like massive migrations of Sindhi Hindus and Indian Muslims have racked political havoc in the post-colonial political design of the region. The separation of Bengal (East Pakistan) in 1971, Frontier Conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan across Durand Line, Movements for the independence of Sindh, Kashmir, Pashtunistan and Balochistan, have proved that the Two Nation Theory proposed by the British and accepted by the Muslim Elite which provided the basis for the creation of Pakistan in 1947 was nothing but unnatural and historic blunder, the only outcome it brought to the region in the form of the political and geographic divisions of the subcontinent, “based on the Hindu hate” has pushed the entire region to the brink of the nuclear destruction. All the historic nations and their homelands passed over from the British Raj to the subjugation of Pakistani forced Federation and others which were forcibly annexed by it later, have long been trying to get rid of it and restore their historic separate identical independent nationhood, they lost to the British Imperialism in early or mid 19th century.
The lesson from the leaves of the post-colonial history of subcontinent we all must learn is that the Two Nation theory was wrong and the migration of the nations based on the religious divisions on the both sides was blatantly wrong. The migrants which left their motherlands, the families that split amidst the era of this historic nonsense crave for their national motherlands and homes, their people; thus this unnatural partition must be undone and they must be allowed to return to their national motherlands, to mingle with their families and the people they left behind weeping and to whom they still love.
Therefore, this Partition was nothing but a historic blunder which must be undone, the unnaturally forced Federation of Pakistan must be disintegrated to undo the consequences of the Indian Partition of 1947, the historic identity of the nations chained in it must be restored and these natural nations must be left free to decide that whether they want to reunify in an Economic and Political union with India as typical of European Union or remain independent and free in future.