Congrats to Indian PM Modi Ji on his successful US visit

On the behalf of the Sindhi nation, we heartily congratulate the Indian nation and Prime Minister Siri Narendra Modi on his successful visit to USA. We highly appreciate the firm resolve of POTUS Donald Trump and Indian PM Siri Narendra Modi to unitedly confront and defeat the Islamic Radical Terrorism and the brutality, inhumanity, insanity, catastrophe and the destruction it has incurred upon humanity. This is the dire need of the time that in order to restore the peace, prosperity, tolerance and tranquility in this world, the Islamic Radical Terrorism must be defeated.
We also understand that until and unless the ideological and material causes and basis for this radicalization and the terrorism are not fully understood, it can never be defeated nor uprooted from the world through any means, doesn’t matter how hardly, willfully and forcefully it’s dealt with. All the efforts to put it down, all the expensive wars, all the bloodsheds are destined to go in vain. Fighting Islamic Radical terrorism without understanding it is like beating the trail of an escaped snake.
Therefore, the think tanks, intellectuals, journalists, media persons, politicians, policymakers, parliamentarians of the US, India, Germany, UK, France, Russia and all the other civilized democratic nations of the world must understand that the root cause of the Islamic Radical Terrorism is the existence of unnatural, rogue, fascist, Islamic theocratic state of Pakistan, its radical Islamic military doctrine, Ideological basis, its filthy extremist Army, savage spy agency ISI and its frenzy of launching global Jihad to lynch all the infidels that don’t believe in the God they do.
Thus, until and unless this PanIslamic Theocratic Islamic State of Pakistan is not annihilated from the map of the mother Earth, the Global Jihadism, Radical Islamic Extremism can never be uprooted and the Global terrorists like Haqqani Network, Jamaat-ad-Dawa, Jaesh-e-Muhammad and Taliban who are terrorizing India and Afghanistan can never be defeated.
Pakistani state has been practically acting as the womb and the vector of Islamic Radical Terrorism which is the greatest crime and worst sin against the existence of humanity and humanitarian values in this world.
Pakistani theocratic state, its army, spy agencies, and the Petro-Dollars of the KSA are behind all the covert terrorist attacks and intrusions in India and Afghanistan and most of the Islamic extremist terrorist attacks in the entire world.
In our times, Pakistan’s sponsorship of Islamic Radical Terrorism and Global Jihadism and North Korean Nuclear Frenzy are the biggest challenges of the time which the entire international community must have tackle immediately and wisely.

Remember! If the struggle is unchallenging, consequences would be.

Shafi Burfat

The 1947 Partition of British India based on historically wrong theory i.e. “The Two Nation Theory ” has been proven to be a historic blunder, an unnatural division.

Shafi Burfat