My Dear Friends

Today, we have gathered here, to record our protest and raise our voice against the atrocities of theocratic Pakistani state against the oppressed Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun and other nation chained in its imperialist occupational framework. We are here, once again, to draw the attention of the entire international community and civilized nations towards the grave human rights violations, abrogation of international laws by the vicious theocratic state of Pakistan.

This Rogue Islamic Theocratic state of Pakistan ruled by Tyrant Punjabi Fascism (Punjabi Army and Establishment) has been committing heinous crimes against humanity, mass genocides, grave human rights violations to silence the secular, liberal, democratic voices and separatist nationalist movements of all the natural historic nations like Sindhis, Baluchs, Pashtuns, POK and Gilgit-Baltistanis those are striving for freedom from its fascits subjugation and restoration of fundamental human rights within their territories.

All sorts of inhuman barbaric practices like Harassment, Abductions, Enforced Disappearances, Years of illegal detentions, inhuman torture, denial of judicial procedures, imprisonments, long term sentences, capital punishments and extra-judicial killings are common state crimes practiced by this theocratic fascist state.

Hundreds of secular political activists belonging to Sindh, Baluchistan, FATA, KPK, POK, Gilgit Baltistan are missing and hundreds of them have been extra-judicially detained and killed in previous decade, including students, writers, bloggers, teachers, lawyers, laborers, women, children and old, sparing no one. Mass graves found in Baluchistan, Extra-judiciall killings of Sindhi and Baloch political activists and reports of notable International Human Rights Organizations including UN’s working group on Enforced Disappearances have testified and witnessed these tyrannies to be factual.

In Sindh more than a hundred activists of secular Sindhi political parties Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), Jeay Sindh Qaomi Mahaz (JSQM) and Muttahida Qaomi Movement (MQM) have been extra-judicially killed and hundreds of them have been imprisoned and kept in illegal detention centers. Septuagenarian, Veteran Sindhi Leader of JSMM, Ustad Muhammad Rahimon had been abducted by ISI and Paramilitary cops on November 23rd and is still being kept in the secret illegal detention of ISI and, on the other hand MQM’s septuagenarian leader, a philosophy professor, Professor Hassan Zafar Arif has also been facing the torture and imprisonment since months. Mujeeb Cholyani, Sunny Kakepoto, Zahid Adeeb Buriro, Liaquat Channa, Mudasir Kakepoto, Sarwar Abro, Ghazi Chachar, Nadeem Siyal, Hyder Khoso and students Nasrullah Jamali, Farman Hingoro, Altash Talpur, Ashfaq Chachar since months and Allah Wadhayo Mahar, Suhail Bhatti, Naveed Mirani since years and more than 50 other Sindhi political activists belonging to JSMM and MQM have also been missing.

While student leader Hafeez Pirzado, Asif Baat, JSMM leader Nadeem Magsi, Peeral Baat, Sansar Abro, Ahmer Pirzado, Imran Wahucho have been sentenced to the life term imprisonments. Hamid Bhutto, Ali Rajpar, Zafar Nohani, Jameel Shoro, Shabir Brohi, Irfan Jamali, Momin Khan Momin, Amir Khokhar, Amjad Khokhar, Asghar Shah and tens of others have been jailed.

Since the signing of China Pak Economic Corridor Agreement with China, Punjabi Rogue and Fascist Regime has intensified its venomous persecution of secularist political activists targeting every historic nation that denounces the hegemony of Punjab over its lands, seas and mineral riches. Along with these persecutions this Rogue Theocratic Pakistani state, which has been harboring international Islamist terrorists in its soil and exporting terrorism across its borders into the territories of Afghanistan, and India, has also been denying the fundamental human rights like democratic right of the people to the life and the freedom of expression, organization and speech. Secularist organizations like JSMM and BSO Azad are banned and secularist bloggers even from Punjab herself who criticize the state policies of sponsoring terror and inflicting torture upon the people of oppressed nations are being abducted and tortured. This fascist state not only uses state torture against its critics and opponents but is also violating International laws on safe Energy, Environment and Nuclear proliferation. The nuke arsenals of Pakistan (so called Islamic Bombs) and North Korea those pose greater threat to world peace are built to terrorize the world and based on their state doctrines of “Hate Thy Neighbor” principle.

Therefore, as a political representative of secular Sindhi nation, I appeal entire International Community and Human Rights Organizations to take an immediate notice and action to save the lives of political activists (missing) persons belonging to Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun and other oppressed nations subjugated by Pakistan. And I also appeal UNO, EU, USA, Germany, France, Britain, Israel, India and all the other civilized democratic nations of the world to support the independence of secular historic Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun (Waziristani), Tibetan, Kurd and all other oppressed natural nations of the world to restore global peace in the world.

Shafi Burfat

Chairman, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz

06/2/2017, Germany


Statment read in a demonstration at Frankfort Germany