Press Release

Sindh Bleeding on Human Rights Day

The soil of Sindh once again has been bathed in the blood of its sons by the tyrant Punjabi imperialism on the day when the entire world is observing World Human Rights Day. Pakistani state’s savage institutions have crossed all the limits of humanity and humanism by extra-judicially killing Zakir Bozdar after inflicting severe inhuman torture upon him. I appeal international community and human rights organizations to take immediate notice and action against the Pakistani state’s brutal kill and dump policy.

The savage, fascist, theocratic Punjabi regime Pakistan has been suppressing the voice of historic indigenous nations through a brutal state operation against nationalist Sindhi activists and has been involved in enforced disappearances, inhuman torture, long term imprisonments and extra-judicial killings.
I want to clarify this point here that the Sindhi ruling class puppet Feudal elite are the equal partner with Punjab in the genocide of Sindhi people. Sindhi people are being victimized against their will and demand for freedom. I appeal the Sindhi nation to end their silence upon the hostile treatment of Punjabi fascism towards the Sindhi voice for fundamental rights, justice, equality and freedom and tell the entire humanity that they will never endure this barbaric slavery of Punjabi fascism anymore.
Hands of rulers of Sindh are equally stained in the blood of Sindhi youth. And if they realize this that they are powerless and impotent then must address the Sindhi nation that they are powerless, and condemn this barbarity and brutality of fascist Pakistani institutions otherwise they will be held accountable along with the Punjabi fascism for the bloodshed of Sindhi Youth in the court of history.
These coward savage tactics of Punjabi fascism could never restrain us from struggling for our rights, future, and freedom. I pay tribute to the life, struggle, and sacrifice of martyr Zakir Bozdar.