Addressing conference on the impact of China-Pakistan agreements on the future of the region

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today we have gathered here to exchange our views on a very crucial issue that is “The impact of Pak-China Agreements & the future of the region.”

To understand the future of the region, it is essential to understand the Pakistan & China first, which will help us to understand the essence of the change in the region.  To understand the geopolitical situation of South Asia in the perspective of the post-colonial political framework of Indian subcontinent let us understand the Pakistan first.


Pakistan never existed in the region before the year 1947:  Nowhere on the globe throughout history. By the end of 2nd World War, the world was divided into two blocs the Socialist bloc dominated by Russia & the Western capitalist bloc.

As the aftermaths of World War Two, the weakened & exhausted British colonial rule in South Asia, at its dusk, created a major rift in its subjugated nations by liberating Afghanistan, Nepal, Baluchistan and Bhutan but dividing various other nations of Indian subcontinent into two distinct countries, those are the Indian Union and Pakistani Dominion based on religious differences. This partition on the religious basis was a death warrant for historic natural nations of South Asia like Sindhi, Bengali, Baloch, Pashtun, Kashmiri, Balawaristani and Saraiki.

Thus, Pakistan was created to serve the British’s post-colonial, politico-economic, strategic military interests in the Indian Ocean.

This partition of India, which was the dynamic union of historic nations, cultures and home to ancient Indus civilization, was a British strategic formula to create a theocratic radical buffer zone between Socialist bloc and Indian Ocean, meant to deter the influence and outreach of Soviet Russia to the warm waters of Indian Ocean & Arabic sea, as these waters encompassed the important trade route of the entire world. Hence, India situated upon the Indian Ocean and Arabic sea was very important for the future of the interests of the west and was thus divided and a new state namely Pakistan was created to supervise & guard the strategic monopoly of British over the trade of Indian ocean.

After its creation, the Islamic theocratic state of Pakistan subjugated the independent territories of Baluchistan, Kashmir, North West Frontier Pashtun Province (called KPK now) and annexed the historic identical national existence of Bengali and Sindhi nations.

Based upon the Pan-Islamic, retrogressive “Two Nations Theory”, Pakistan had an unnatural existence and was formulate to be a Punjabi dominated military state at the very first day of its creation by the British herself; And to justify its unnatural existence and the purpose which was it created for; The theocratic state of Pakistan was structured to formulate an Islamic theocratic doctrine based on Pan-Islamism and Jihadi Psyche and develop an Islamo-fascist military to be used as the mercenaries by the west in future.

Thus It was a state without the nation and a State owned by mercenary Army. These military and radical religious doctrines were used to subjugate and exploit the oppressed Bengali, Sindhi, Baluch, Pashtun, Kashmiri and Saraiki nations. After her creation, this Military State also created a useless, unethical, irrational rivalry with the Democratic Republic of India to justify its Jihadist military doctrine and Punjabi hegemony over the affairs of the state.

Thus this state had two prime functions from the very beginning:

Number one; to serve as the mercenaries and Number two: to protect the Punjabi economic political hegemony over oppressed nations chained in Pakistan.

This Pakistani Islamo-fascist Army massacred of 3 million Bengali people in 1971 over their political resistance against Punjabi hegemony until India intervened in Bengal (called East Pakistan at that time) to stop this human tragedy and bloodshed and Bengalis regained their independence from Pakistan and established Bangladesh. But other ill-fated oppressed nations, intending to secede from Pakistan encountered another evil forced annexation after 1971 and are still under the subjugation of Punjabi-dominated Pakistani military state and are continuously experiencing worst humiliation, occupation, massacre, and genocide.

Speaking about only Sindh, to which I belong, the Punjabi Army has occupied 20 million acres of agricultural & commercial land. They have occupied our Sea, ruined the entire Indus delta, erased million acre forests which have caused a significant rise in ecological hazards & temperatures. Along with the massive exploitation of our mineral and natural resources, the Punjabi military and ISI has tightened its grasp over the politics of Sindh. The puppet local Feudal lords are given monopolistic authority over Sindh under the oppressive illegitimate constitution of 1973 which legalizes the Punjabi hegemony and chains of slavery against the oppressed nations.

In Sindh and Baluchistan, the real secular separatist nationalist political voices and movements are being continuously brutally silenced through bloody military operations and genocide. The political activists and commons are regularly being abducted, enforcedly disappeared, detained, tortured, extra-judicially killed and their corpses dumped on daily basis.

Talking about only my Party JSMM, the hundreds of its activists have been previously abducted, detained, tortured and jailed; while dozens of its Senior leaders and activists have been killed or burnt alive so far and my party JSMM is banned by the state. A famous mass leader of another Sindhi nationalist party, JSQM, Mr. Bashir Khan Qureshi was poisoned by the ISI after a million freedom march in Karachi. So the point is that Pakistan is a state owned by its military which is massacring and exploiting the people and resources of the oppressed nations, killing political activists, violating human rights, involved in harboring, spreading and operating religious extremism and terrorism across the globe on a dangerous scale.

Pakistan is such an irresponsible state which can be held responsible for the instability in Afghanistan, disputed Kashmir, and India. Its soil has been evidently used against her neighbors. Pakistani Army has become such a savage and corrupt enterprise that has been sponsor and exporter terrorism, proliferator of nuclear technology, arms and missiles and smuggler of narcotics throughout the world. It is the womb and vector of the Islamic extremism and terrorism. It is evident to the entire international community today that contrary to the peaceful, democratic republic of India and other South Asian countries Pakistan is such a hypocrite and deceptive war profiteer state which has benefitted from its geostrategic position in wars; either that was the cold war against Soviets or West’s war on terror. It has used these wars to silence the opposition at home and deceive the international community to find economic and military assistance. It is the state that provided sanctuaries to the world terrorist fame Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar, Mulla Mansoor, Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, Haqqani Network, Taliban Shura, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Jamat-Ud-Dawa to operate from her territory. In short, it’s the Launchpad of Radical Islamic terrorism. It is often termed an untrustworthy ally, a failed state and a violator of international laws regarding nuclear proliferation, human rights, Paris agreement on climate change etc.

Then the fundamental question that arises here is; why the world’s prominent economy, the Great China is supporting and protecting such a state?! Which has already reached the zenith of international isolation because of its bipolarity and at the edge of its collapse due to its state violence at home?

And the answer lies in the identical similarities between the political framework of the both countries. The China is a dictatorship with the fascist bureaucratic system while Pakistan is a militarily engineered so-called pseudo-democratic system. China is an occupier and cage for the oppressed Tibetan and Uyghur nations while Pakistan is the same for Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Waziristan, Saraiki, Kashmiri, Gilgit-Baltistan nations. Both Pakistan and China share the brutal use state torture, fascism and armed action to subjugate the opponent political movements, freedom of expression and press. Running tanks over protesting students at Tiananmen square in 1989, Tibetan occupation, Bengali genocide in 1971, Genocides of Sindh and Baluchistan, and human rights violation in both Chinese and Pakistani occupied territories by the states, are exemplary evidence. Both states have aggressive, expansive strategic agendas. As Pakistan wants to grasp Sindh, Kashmir, Baluchistan and Afghanistan, at the same time China intends aggression over the South and East China Sea, and the Indian Ocean to establish its monopoly over the significant trade routes of the world.

China-Pak Agreements:

Now coming towards the Pak-China agreements and the impact of these agreements on the future of the region, I would like to make it very clear that the agreements between China and Pakistan are more strategic than simply economic. Let us have a brief view of the China-Pak agreements.

Pakistan and China, after the coming into effect of the Free Trade

Agreement (FTA) between both the states in 2007 have grown their trade to 15billion dollars. Though taking a burden of a 10billion dollar trade deficit,

Pakistan has renewed it in order to swallow CPEC. China has so far been the

intimate friends as China has been providing economic, military and technical

assistance to Pakistan, to develop its nuclear technology, military equipment

including submarines, Jet Fighters, guided missile systems, tanks, tactical

nuclear weapons, drones and China have also been the top arms supplier and

third largest trading partner to Pakistan. Along with diplomatic support,

Pakistan has been serving as a conduit for China to open up to the West and the China has been supporting it to keep its strategic assets “The good Taliban” safe as it has vetoed the Indian bids against alleged terror fame twice. The level of intimacy between these two comes from the sharing of the military and

nuclear secrets. Therefore, it is not simply the China-Pak friendship rather it

is the “China-Pak Nexus” that is based upon strategic military aggressive

imperialist designs of both the states. So this China Punjab Nexus structured on the Chinese conditions has brought another catastrophe upon the region namely the Chinese Pak Economic Corridor also called CPEC.

This is a 50billion dollar project that encompasses a wide range of portfolios of China-Pak joint ventures, a most significant part of the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative, designed to connect the strategic deep-water port of the Gwadar, located in the occupied and disputed territory of Baluchistan to the Chinese city of Kashgar. China took over operational control of Gwadar, the Pakistan’s southwest coast that can serve as a vital economic hub for Beijing and a key military outpost. Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea occupies a strategic location between South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. It lies near the strait of Hurmuz, the gateway for about the 20% of world’s oil imports from OPEC. This is being termed as “The Game Changer” in the region. The strategic details of this project are only shared by Pakistani Military Enterprise that also serves as the Foreign policy runner of the Pakistan. Even the agendas of this project are being kept secret and are not shared with the Senate’s standing committee on CPEC. This clearly indicates the sensitivity of the project as it is being suspected as a military strategic design to establish China-Pak dominance over the Indian Ocean that would assure the military presence of China in the Indian Ocean.

The China after the rising tensions in South and the East China Sea is now outreaching the Indian Ocean as a counter-strategic agenda and the unnatural political framework of Pakistan and its quest for its unnatural survival in the growing situation of international isolation has brought this mutualistic bilateral China-Pak Nexus into existence. It has also grown concerns in the South Asian Region as the India due to its traditional rivalry with Pakistan is skeptical to this strategic shift in the region which will create an imbalance of power as India has long endured the infiltration of Pakistani terrorists in its soil and considers this project as a counterweight to its development of India-Iran-Afghanistan Economic corridor and development of Chabahar port that is some 14 miles away from the Gwadar Port. China has agreed to provide nuclear submarines to Pakistan and Chinese PLA Navy flotillas have already made repeated visits to Karachi and Gwadar ports.

But the other important aspect of this strategic shift is the stability of Afghanistan as Pakistan has shifted its alliance from West to China and has deceived the West in its war on terror in the Afghanistan. So the geostrategic design of South Asia is going to be entirely changed with the completion of CPEC. China’s Military presence in the Indian Ocean will also threaten the interests and the trade of the West with South, East and Central Asia. In short West’s incapability and delay tactics to treat Pakistan as it deserves will provide China an opportunity to transform it in the Asian Sparta of the region, a more vicious, clever and deceptive western rival.

But another humanitarian aspect that ought to be addressed and gravely concerned, is the resolution of the national question in Pakistan as all the nations enforcedly integrated or occupied by Pakistan are considering CPEC as a death warrant for their existence. As the national independence movements operating inside Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun, Balawaristani, Saraiki nations, and territories are strongly opposing this project and there are growing political opposition, movements, insurgencies in the federating units of Pakistan and in response a rise in the magnitude of state’s ongoing military operations and human rights violations by against these historic nations. These circumstances have changed the entire landscape of the economic stability and development promised by the CPEC in the region rather it is being proved as anti-democratic and antihumanitarian project .

Impacts of the CPEC over the region:

  1. Political and Military tensions in the region will significantly rise.
  2. Imbalance of power in the region will significantly rise.
  3. Above mentioned circumstances will obviously trigger the Arms race among the countries of the region.
  4. The volatile conditions of South Asia will result in a significant rise in the Islamic extremism and terrorism as it is the ideological and strategic asset of Pakistan and a key factor that executes its foreign policy.
  5. The chances of nuclear war in the region will increase.
  6. It will also endanger the fate and the existence of the oppressed historic natural nations chained in China and Pakistan like Tibetans, Uyghurs, Sindhis, Balochs and Pashtuns.
  7. The rise in international tensions over the control of international oceanic trade route in Indian ocean will enhance the chances of a third World War.
  8. China’s dominance over Indian ocean will put the entire regional security and peace at the stake.
  9. A warlike situation amidst growing strategic military tension in the region will result in a significant rise in the oil prices in international markets.
  10. Political instability, Arms Race and efforts for the balance of power in the region will increase poverty, illiteracy, poor health facilities and lack of providence basic human rights by the states due to lack of the investment in these sectors because of defense expenditures.
  11. CPEC project will cause mass migration of the outsiders in the coastal areas of Sindh and Baluchistan, resulting in the ethnic cleansing of the native Sindhi and Baloch population. This will completely change the entire demography of the Sindh as it has already reached its saturation point.
  12. These mass migrations and influx of outsiders to the coastal cities of Sindh will create administrative issues and result in a rise in social evils and crimes.
  13. Pakistani Corrupt Military might will increase significantly, resulting in the relative weakening of secular democratic forces in the region.
  14. Empowering Pakistan will result in the significant rise in the interference of ISI in neighboring countries causing cross-border terrorism against India and Afghanistan.
  15. Advancement of China would encourage the North Korea to prompt its nuclear program.
  16. Pakistan and China both are undemocratic and fascist states and will pose a grave danger to the democracies and democratic values of the modern civilized world.


Therefore, once this dream of Chinese strategic military aggression over Indian Ocean comes true and China appoints this fascist irresponsible, unnatural, theocratic military state of Pakistan as its watchdog over the Arabian Sea and this theocratic Pakistani state succeeds to acquires the military might it has long sought for, that will be the day of an end to the humanitarian values, global security, global peace, human development and unity of human race.

There we, the oppressed nations occupied in the forced integrations and occupation of China and Pakistan suggest the entire international community UN, EU, USA, NATO, UK, France, Germany, Israel, India, UAE, OPEC, ASEAN countries that the best way to stop this bloodiest imperialist expansive aggressive agenda of China-Pak Imperialist Nexus and to get rid of the religious extremism and terrorism from the world they must come forward to support the independence movements of the historic natural Tibetan, Uyghur, Baloch, Sindhi, Saraiki, Pashtun, Balawaristani nations from the Imperialism and forced occupation of China and Pakistan.

In return, you would have peace and tranquility in world.


Thank You Everyone

Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Chairman Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM)