9/11: Justice has not been done yet!

We have gathered here to express our solidarity with the families of the martyr victims of 9/11 incident. We express our heartily condolences and solidarity to those families, friends and entire US nation who have lost their loved ones in this incidence of terror and brutality.

The incident of 9/11 was never a mere accident or just a terrorist activity; rather it was the demonstration of planned and organized terror with a wide anti-human ideological background and a product of ideologically invoked terrorist psyche, instigated with the intention of resending the civilized modern democratic world of 21st century to the cursed times of the dark ages of inhumanity and ignorance.

This incident imposed the unjust war of extremism and terrorism on innocent human beings of our times.

This poisonous reign of religious extremism and terrorism victimizing entire humanity, which these terrorists call The Theocratic Islamic State, ideologically backed by Islam, is indeed the Islamic terrorism.

Humanity has journeyed long to reach this zenith of the modern civilization; the capstone of the humanitarian values, scientific and technological advancements.

I wonder while humanity is stepping the mars and exploring the new worlds in the universe and looking deep down in the mysteries of the human mind and intelligence; at the same time we are confronting this retrogressive reign of Islamic fundamentalism, extremism and terror called Holy war of Jihad.
9/11 is the symbol of that ignorant religious psyche which wants to bring down the landmarks of human achievements.
If we see it further we come to know that this Islamic terrorism has started its so-called holy war against those progressive societies which have reached the apex of freedom, justice, human rights and human liberties; the societies which have established such a system where the authority to rule is submitted to human opinion and intention; means democracy especially historic democracy of India dating back to prehistoric times, first modern democracy of USA, democracies of Europe and Israel. It means all the pivots to the modern human thought and civilization are their enemies.
These are the societies which have achieved their positions by a long journey and struggle are the victims of this dirty war of Islamic terrorism.
Here, at this moment, we want to make clear to the entire civilized world, that the theocratic fascist, fraudulent, irresponsible state of Pakistan is the real epicenter, pivot, mother, nourished, and sustainer of this evil Islamic reign of religious extremism and terrorism which has been imposing this unjust war on entire civilized, democratic societies of humanity.
Pakistan was founded in 1947 through a conspiracy, on the fraudulent basis of the “Two Nation Theory”; a fascist theory that states that there are only two nations on this Earth, Muslims, and Non-Muslims. Muslims are superior and dearer to god and are destined to destroy all the non-Muslim nations and rule the rest. This was a conspiracy of that time, a nefarious conspiracy that has brought the world on the verge of destruction through religious terror. Since then, Pakistan has remained the epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism, extremism, and terrorism and have become the cancer of entire modern human civilization.
The mastermind of 9/11 incident, which we are discussing right now, the creator of Al-Qaeda, the terror fame Osama Ben Laden was sheltered and guarded by Pakistani armed forces until US forces hunted him down in a top most Pakistani garrison.
Thus we are shaking the conscience of the world today, that until and unless the existence of this theocratic fascist terrorist state of Pakistan, the sanctuary of Islamic terrorism is not put to an end and historic natural secular Sindhi nation is not set free, the justice with the innocent victims of 9/11 has not been done.