Press Release

Rangers operation against JSMM & MQM is Punjab’s direct military invasion on Sindh

JSMM and MQM activists are loyal sons of Sindh. Pakistani fascist theocratic State has proven by bloodshed and massacre of Sindhi (Sindhi and Urdu speaking) political activists that Sindh is a permanent colony of Punjabi imperialism and Punjabi Army will savagely, brutally execute every Sindhi conscious person who stands against the occupation, oppression and aggression of Punjabi military establishment.
JSMM will block all the routes of Punjab if any of the Sindhi activists is harmed including Farooq Sattar, Khuwaja Izharul Hassan and others.

We strongly condemn harassment, arrests, abductions, torture, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings of MQM activists.
JSMM has decided to contact MQM leadership in London to formulate joint strategy to counter the military invasion of Punjabi Army and Rangers on Sindh.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain and every other individual has a universal right to freedom of expression but Punjabi fascist theocratic savage state has deprived every Sindhi (either Sindhi or Urdu speaking) of this basic human right, which is violation of human rights. It proves that that this fascist Islamic theocratic extremist state of Pakistan is a unnatural fascist military state where every oppressed distinct natural nation, ethnic lingual or religious minority , brethren, party or individual is insecure and enslaved.

Karachi is the heart of Sindh; every Urdu speaking Sindhi living in Karachi is loyal son of Sindhi soil and any bloodshed, genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacre and oppression on people of Karachi is state terrorism.

All the bloodshed, plunder, torture, law enforcement violations are state created phenomenon created by Pakistani military, ISI and its local stooges to exploit the resources of Sindh.
Although JSMM and MQM have no previous political alliances but state operation against both the parties is such an common standard that proves them to be loyal sons of the soil of Sindh and that’s why Paki state’s fascist savage army and agencies have been continuously victimizing both the parties.

We appeal UN, EU, USA, UK, Germany, USA, India and all the other democratic nations of the world to take and immediate notice of this state fascism, barbarism, brutality and savagery of Pakistani theocratic fascist state against MQM and JSMM.