Press Release

Shafi Burfat slams Bilawal over Baluchistan and Modi

Bilawal’s statement against India & Indian PM Modi is a denial of historic truth, contrary to ground realities and volunteering pimpery for Punjabi establishment.

India, historically and culturally, is a product of Indus (Sindhu) river and Indus (Sindhu) civilization. India has inherited a responsible ancient civilized society and democracy, where all the nations, societies, communities, cultures share bounties of religious coexistence, ethno-lingual harmony, basic social as well as human liberties and justice equally. India is historically a colorful bouquet which is built upon such an agreement among the distinct nations of subcontinent where all the regional cultures, traditions, customs, values and languages including Sindhi are given due national respect and consideration. India has played its historic role in liberating the historic nations of the subcontinent such as Bangladesh in 1971 and we appreciate her advancement and support for the independence of the oppressed Baluch nation occupied by Pakistan.

While Punjabi fascism in Pakistan has deprived the historic Sindhi, Baluch, Saraiki, Pashtun, Balawaristani nations of their cultural, lingual, geographic, economic freedom and is butchering the rightist political voice of people of these historic natural nations. Punjabi imperialism (namely Pakistan) is massacring Baluchi and Sindhi political activists today or as it butchered Sindhis in Zia’s military regime in 1980’s or as it massacred Baluchs in Bilawal’s military-puppet grandfather Z.A Bhutto’s government. Perhaps the feudal lords of PPP have not still realized the sorrows of Sindhi and Baluch people who have been continuously ground under the cruelty and savagery of Pro-Punjabi Paki establishment. But today, while Indian PM Modi has raised voice against the atrocities of Pakistan in Baluchistan and shown his support for the independence of Baluchistan, PPPP Chairman Bilawal B Zardari ,representing his feudal class, has proved himself a warm partisan of Punjabi imperialism, plunder and occupation by speaking against Modi and his support for oppressed Baluch nation. He has proved PPP, a Pimp Party of Punjab, denouncer of historic rights of oppressed nations and denier of history.
We, representing the Nationalist Movement for Independence of Sindh, therefore, welcome the stand of Indian PM Modi on Baluchistan and wish that he must have favored the independence of Sindh too. Despite this, we consider it a serious strategy and timely decision of India to support the Independence of occupied Baluchistan because the independence of Baluchistan is in the wide interests of Sindh and vice versa. Therefore, we condemn the childish non-serious stance, thought and statement of PPP chairman BBZ against India. PPP Chairman BBZ’s statement has hurt the feelings of all freedom loving conscious people of Sindh. We Sindhis, considering Baloch independence as a victory of the truth and right over the evil, appeal Indian leadership to support the freedom of the land of the 12000 thousand years old Indus civilization, the Sindh, from where their country name has evolved.
PPP’s dumb Chairman must admit this fact that their governments have been silently permitting Punjabi establishment to shed the blood of innocent Sindhi political activists for the sake of their puppet rule of plunder over Sindh and your hands are equally stained with the blood of Sindhi and Baloch nationalist activists. PPP becoming the denier of the separate historic national identity of Sindh is opposing the independence of the historic Baluch nation and We Sindhis want to tell the Baluchi people that we Sindhis renounce our support for PPP and outstandingly show our support and favor for the historic voice of Baluch people for their independence. We Sindhis and Baluchs will either live independently together or will die fighting together. We were together against every aggression yesterday and will be together tomorrow, come what may.
We appeal UN, EU, USA, UK, Germany, France, India and entire international community to support secular, democratic, political national struggle of Sindhis and Baluchs for the independence of Sindh and Baluchistan.