Latters & Appeals

An appeal to all social media activists and twitter users around the world


How can we benefit the humanity and humans around the world with our tweets?!
These are my humble suggestions to social media activists worldwide but not necessarily endorsed:
Our tweets should conform the following sixteen principles:

    1. To ensure the respect and enforcement of human rights internationally.
    2. Religious harmony, coexistence and tolerance for each and every person as well as community worldwide
    3. Recognition and ethical support for the right to struggle for national freedom movements of the oppressed nations, in accordance with UN’s charter of right to self-determination / secession and freedom of expression.
    4. To raise voice to secure the world from atomic, nuclear and missile tests
    5. To make efforts to empower the secularist voices against religious fundamentalism, extremism, fanaticism and terrorism to condemn and stop any kind of extremism.
    6. To campaign against the humanly causes of rise in the global temperature and global warming to raise awareness (on social media) about dangers of deforestation, environmental pollution caused by automobiles, CFCs, deadly nonstandard factories, atomic reactors especially Chinese nonstandard atomic reactors fixed in Pakistan.
    7. To raise voice against third world despotic regimes of Monarchs depriving humans of their basic needs of education, health, shelter and employment.
    8. To stand with and support progressive middle class of Arab world striving for human, social, economic liberties against Arab despotic autocracies and state based imposition of outdated religious extremist ideologies.
    9. To build public opinion against nuclear proliferation and Arms race triggered by heedless North Korea and Pakistani states to accentuate UN to disarm them or take their nukes in international custody.
    10. To expose and raise voice against crimes and covert support of Islamic extremist terrorists like Haqani group, Lashkar-e-Tayba, Jamaat-ud-Da’wah, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Afghan Taliban by Pakistani theocratic, international terrorist agency ISI.
    11. To raise voice on Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools to seek international moral and political support for the freedom of oppressed Sindhi, Baloch, Kurd, Tibetan, Chechen, Oromo nations.
    12. To build international consensus by writing to and meeting with international institutions and human rights organizations over making the UN, a strong stage of voice of free as well as oppressed nations of the world chained in the unjust forced federations of multinational geographic states e.g. Pakistan by informing them about the tyrant atrocities, human rights violations, occupations, oppressions, apartheid, genocides and economic exploitations of these oppressed nations committed by their dominant ruling nations.
    13. To raise voice against violations of human rights and atrocities against religious minorities in each cone and corner of entire world especially atrocities against Hindu, Shia, Christian and Ahmadi religious minorities in Pakistan and support them actively, morally and politically.
    14. To accentuate UN through social media campaigns to rescue the refugees and prevent the people from mass migrations through joint international efforts to restore peace, prosperity, political and economic freedom in their own countries and stop the corrupt, extremist rulers and terrorist groups causing mass migrations of these people through hunger, exploitation, plight and Islamic terrorism, fanaticism and bloodshed.
    15. To work to form the joint front of conscious people and international institutions to seek the ideological, economic and spiritual uniformity to sort out the causes and remedies to secure the world and humanity from the conflicts, wars, religious extremist terrorism and the mass migrations caused by these terrorisms, wars and bloodshed.
    16. To make continuous efforts to accentuate the conscious people, writers, intellectuals, journalists and the governments of Germany, USA, France, other nations of the civilized world, EU and UN to put the autocratic monarchies and military regimes of third world countries i.e. African and Arab countries and enforced integration of oppressed nations in the federations of monopolistic multinational states to an end and help the independence of real natural nations chained in these federations and to form modern democratic, secular, social welfare states constituting social, political and economic liberal societies.

Are you agree with these principles?