Tactics of Punjabi imperialism against oppressed

In the sacred names of unnatural, unhistorical Islamic and Pakistani state (Punjabi imperialism) has imposed its worst slavery and immense disrespect over oppressed Sindhi and Baloch nations by occupying and exploiting their historical geographic territories, seas, mineral (Oil, Gas, Coal etc.) as well as natural resources (ports, forests, economy etc.). Punjabi imperialism is using three major tricks/tactics to prolong its imposition over these colonial lands that are:
1. Religion (psychological knot of strong federation in the name of Islamic brotherhood)
2. Military (strong military used to curb every opposition by hook or by crook)
3. Parliament (A puppet democracy facilitating the feudal lords and bourgeois to take their negligible share from exploitation to fool the majority of the commons to oppose the real players of the state)

This is how the feudal lords and tribal chiefs from the oppressed nations are purchased by the state as their agents (elected i.e. selected to parliament on the will and wish of the military establishment) and common people are fooled (through mass propaganda and mainstream media) to believe that they (parliamentarians) are the real reason of their miseries and sufferings instead of the real state actors (military establishment) playing their strings behind the scene. And surely, that is the reason why Punjabi commons admire their army as their heroes and Dhol Sipahies (the loved soldiers) because they know that that’s the army which safeguards their interests through the power of the barrel and oppression. Occupation, aggression and oppression are the biggest needs of Punjab’s survival because Punjab is a landlocked country and nation, and doesn’t have any seas lining its boundaries. Hence, Punjab, at any cost, wants to hold the territories, seas and other resources of Sindh and Balochistan. Except this, Punjab tricks/traps the simple and illiterate (conspired to be kept so, through systematic tactics, ill education and propagating text books) commons of the oppressed nations to blind faith the existence and unjust state system of Pakistan in the name of religious brotherhood and Islamic nationhood. This is a conspiracy of psychological exploitation of the oppressed, to restrain them from questioning the status quo of the unjust and fraudulent state of Pakistan and to make them revere their chains of slavery in the fascination of religious harmony. Thus this poisonous psychological tactic of using the religion as a war tactic to refrain the people of Sindh and Balochistan is used to keep them away from the natural desire of the struggle for their national and neo-formation of their nations.
Pakistan is, indeed, aggressive, exploitative, unnatural state which sucks the blood of Sindhi and Baloch nations to keep the Punjabi Vampire alive that’s the reason the Punjabis are the only existing Pakistani patriots in Pakistan because they know that Punjab could never survive without Pakistan. That’s why the Yazidi Army of Punjab slaughtered as much as 3 million Bengalis, and is massacring innocent Sindhi and Balochs today. Therefore, blaming the puppet feudal lords is too an abominable and hypocritical propaganda and to distort our understanding the root cause of the problem. Feudal and tribal lords are short-numbered in every nation and that’s the personal problem of every nation to tackle them, but no other aggressive, fascist nation is privileged to enslave and exploit that nation with this lame excuse. We consider this massacre and genocide of Sindhi and Balochs (which is being done by fascist, savage Punjabi Army in Sindh and Balochistan) as an imperial occupation oppression, aggression and fascism of Punajbi goons, which is being resisted by secular Sindhi and Baloch national movements for liberation. None of the Punjabi trickeries and tactics of psychological warfare, oppression and bloodshed can stop these movements now, because we are none of the Islamic and Pakistani nations, but instead, we are separate historical natural nations existing on the globe from millennia, great city of Moen Jo Daro and Mahar Garh are witness to that. Freedom is our birthright and we will achieve it for sure!