Press Release

JSMM calls for ‘The alliance of the oppressed’

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Baloch & Sindhi national movements must constitute a single pro-freedom political alliance to confront their common enslaver i.e. the Punjabi Imperialism. We put this political opinion in front of Baloch pro-freedom activism and leaders, respected Mr. Mehran Khan Marri, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, Brahamdagh Khan Bugti and Mr. Hyrbyair Marri to get together to constitute a single alliance of Sindhi and Baloch pro-freedom national movements, aimed at raising the collective voice of Sindhi and Baloch nations from a single platform on national as well as international level, against Punjabi occupation, colonialism, oppression and fascism imposed over our historical national territories. JSMM has decided to campaign among Sindhi and Baloch intellectuals, scholars and political parties to facilitate the means for a single alliance among Sindhi and Baloch pro-freedom political parties.