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Open letter – sale of AH-1Z helis & hellfire missiles to Pak: US must consider our grave concerns: Shafi Burfat

An open letter to draw the attention of US senators, intellectuals and human rights activists, appealing them to consider our grave concerns!

Sale of AH-1Z Viper Attack Helicopters, along with Hellfire missiles and support to Pakistan is a matter of serious concern for we Sindhi and the Balochs because American people, intellectuals, journalists, civil society and human rights activists are well aware of the fact that the Pakistan is a theocratic Islamic fundamentalist state whose army and intelligence agencies are exemplary in making and organizing religious extremist terrorist Jihadi groups and abusing them against democratic, secular and civilized states, societies and nations of the world. On the other hand, with the might of her vast military power, this unnatural state of Pakistan has imposed its forced slavery, barbarism, fascism and tyrant exploitative agendas over the oppressed Sindhi and Baloch nations. It has manipulated the historic frontiers, resources, civilizations, languages, cultural ideologies and beliefs of tolerance, coexistence and humanitarianism of Sindhi and Baloch nations by forcibly occupying their lands and resources, and trapping them in worst national slavery, disrespect and exploitation. Our politics, national resources, academia and society have been subjected to oppression and forced interruption of Paki security and intelligence agencies. Sindhi society has been psychologically divided into rural and urban mentalities by Punjabi (majority nation dominating and withholding the military establishment of Pakistan) imperialism. Sindh’s historic conscience and philosophy of “Unity of humans, Global Peace and Human Development”, message of coexistence, tolerance and patience are being conspired to be exterminated by planting the wide web of religious schools (madrassahs) across Sindh to throw it in the hell of religious fundamentalism. On the other hand, the permanent residents of Sindh are being intentionally pushed to racism and ethnic hatred of Sindhi & Urdu speaking communalism to strengthen the grip of Punjabi imperialism over Sindh.

Pakistan is a state where basic human rights and liberties are not given due respect and importance by the state itself and religious minorities like Shi’ites, Ahmadis, Christians, Parsees are being killed and harassed by state backed religious extremist groups. It’s such an irresponsible and wicked state (which is a state with a nation) that has forcedly chained the historic Sindhi and Baloch nations in its colonial federation and their political nationalist workers are being openly abducted, detained, inhumanly tortured, extra-judicially killed and their mutilated corpuses are dumped in garbage cans and along barren roadsides. A state that stands over two nation theory (a theory that states that Muslims are a separate and supernatural nation), whose nukes and weapons of mass destruction are at a great risk of falling into the hands of the religious extremists. A state where Sindhi and Baloch freedom movements are operating after the independence of Bangladesh, thus, if USA still agrees to sell its F-16, AH-1Z Vipers and Hellfire missiles to such an unnatural, wicked and unscrupulous theocratic state, then be sure that these weapons will be used against the secular, democratic freedom movements of Sindh and Baluchistan rather than the religious extremists.
In this regard, we have grave concern and serious conservations over the matter illustrated above.
Therefore, we address this serious matter to the people, intellectuals, senators and journalists of the United States of America that selling any of the weapons of mass destruction to Pakistan means to accompany them in the massacre and genocide of the oppressed Sindhi and Baloch nations.
We appeal the civilized countries of the world to disintegrate this unnatural state of Pakistan to emancipate the historic natural nations of Sindh and Balochistan from its deadliest cage rather than empowering this theocratic state which is the mother and nursery of the Islamic fundamentalism in its essence.