Press Release

Pakistan is an irresponsible, fraudulent, pretender and thug state!

Pakistan is a theocratic, unnatural and irresponsible state which stands over aggression, exploitation, oppression and occupation. She has rooted in the occupation and socio-cultural as well as economic exploitation (benefitting from mineral reserves and seas) of the oppressed nations like Sindhis , Balochs, Kashmiris and Pakhtoons on the gun point of Punjabi Army for her poisonous survival. This is the state where basic human rights and liberties has no meaning and are given zero importance by state. Where Sindhi, Baloch and Seraiki secular political voices are silenced through torture and massacre. Political activists belonging to these oppressed nations are arrested without warrants, abducted, enforcedly disappeared, extra-judicially killed and their mutilated bodies are thrown on roadsides in clear daylight.

Pakistan is such an irresponsible state which is used as a laboratory for Chinese non-standard, outdated atomic reactors for the manufacture of its bloodiest nukes. These outdated dangerous reactors are settled in the densely populated capital city of Sindh i.e. Karachi and their crude material is being covered and hidden in the mountainous areas of Nooriabad-Jamshoro-Sehwan-Laki_Shah_Sadar and Khirther (the mountainous Ranges of Jamshoro , Dadu and Qambar Shahdadkot districts of Sindh). Which can be a reason of mass destruction of the entire province of the Sindh at any time. Existence of our motherland Sindh and Sindhi nation is at the verge of mass destruction because of this irresponsible war madness and weapon obsession of Punjabi colonialism.
On one hand, this state is pretending to world that they are playing a vital role in the war on terror and executing military operations against religious extremists but on the other hand, actually, its agency ISI is injecting the germs of religious fundamentalism and extremism in the veins of Sindh by spreading a wide web of religious schools (madrasahs) across it. Prior to it they sheltered Al-Qaida Chief Osama bin Laden in one of their topmost garrisons and fooled the entire world of their strong support and sacrifices for the extermination of religious extremism and terror. Therefore this state is constituted to be fraudulent, pretender, thug, and irresponsible.
We appeal the conscious and civilized people, nations, policy makers and intellectuals of the entire world that if you really want to secure the world from the hell of religious extremism, terrorism and Jihadi fascism, then it’s necessary and inevitable to bring Pakistan to an end; which is the ideological mother and nursery of the Islamic fundamentalism. The end of this theocratic fascist state of Pakistan will extricate the oppressed and occupied historic nations of Sindh and Balochistan from the cage of the dreadful slavery of Punjabis and will weaken and exterminate the power of religious extremism from the entire world, too.