Press Release

Neo-formation of UN is the real solution to world crisis

The entire world is suffering from various global crisis like war fanaticism, terrorism, global warming, regional conflicts, lack of democracy, illiteracy, power politics, poverty, backwardness, religious extremism, political and economic inequality, injustice, existence of the unnatural states, colonial exploitation and oppression against slave nations. From South-China Sea tensions to Gwadar problem, Syrian Islamic extremist groups to Afghan Taliban, North Korean nuclear madness to Pakistan’s state ideology of religious extremism are yet to be tackled.

These clashes seem to be inevitable because of the strategic and economic conflicts among the world super powers. To resolve these conflicts there is the only one way i.e. the neo-formation of the UNO in an impartial institution instead of its present status of a safeguard to the interests of the mighty nations. It must has to be reintegrated in a free institution comprising free historic nations (including those who have not been freed and recognized yet such as Kurds, Sindhis, Balochs, Chechins, Kashmiris, Palestinians etc.) and having equal status and collective influence and concern of all the nations over the resolution of the global problems. The UNO must be the democratic platform for the representatives of the interests of the oppressed humans, classes and nations that are still suffering from injustice, poverty, hunger, slavery, weapon culture, illiteracy and exploitation and work to set all those humans, classes and nations free from other humans, classes and nations; and safeguard their basic collective economic and political freedoms. World will keep suffering from the calamities, clashes, wars and devastations until the present day super powers i.e. USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, China and India will not agree to make the world free and safer through the neo-formation of the UNO in the manner stated above by lifting up all the influences and self-centered economic and political interests of their own.