Press Release

Logging police cases against activists is an attack on the freedom of expression

“Logging police cases against protesting nationalist workers of Sindh on account of the political strikes and protest demonstrations, is an open attack of state on the right to the freedom of expression.
It’s to silence the voice of the freedom activists of Sindh.”

Logging the cases under anti-terrorism act against the protesting JSQM workers, including Ustad Ayoub Lashari, Mujeeb Bahilar, Mukhtyar Bhatti and 27 others as a resort to the political strike against the extra-judicial killing of Sindhi nationalist leader Maqsood Khan Qureshi and logging the same sort of cases against the 11 workers of the JSMM over yesterday’s protests by JSMM workers against the enforced disappearances , human rights violations, imprisonments and extra-judicial killings of Sindhi nationalists is the psychological retaliation aimed at intimidation of the conscience of Sindh, which would never be met and we will never accept it too. International community and UNO must take notice against the inhuman and imperialist attitude of the Paki establishment towards the righteous voice of the oppressed Sindhi nation.

Conscious Sindhi journalists, intellectuals, bars, civil society and writers must take it in a serious notice of psychological war tactics used by this fascist theocratic state to suppress the political voice of the people of Sindh.

Syed’s ideological followers would never bend in front of the imperialist, aggressive, fascist and colonialist designs of the Punjabis. We are struggling for the historic and national right of our motherland Sindh to regain its free status of an independent country and nation and we would never withdraw from our goal until we reach our destination or die for it.

These timid tactics of Paki state to intimidate the nationalist workers of Sindh can never compel them to step back from their struggle for the rights and freedom of Sindh.
I appeal International community and civilized nations to take a serious notice of the series of endless enforced disappearances, abductions, brutal torturing in detainments, merciless killings, dumping of mutilated dead bodies of Sindhi nationalists and banning the right to the freedom of expression and protests on the points of the guns by the state institutions.